Sum up.

I’ve been absent on here for several reasons, the first is that i’ve forgotten my password and of course i freaked out andi couldn’t enter but then i remembered it, but i had no longer internet connection so i couldn’t log in. Another reason is that i went away on summer holidays to celebrate new […]


Another week that I’ve been off.  It doesn’t matter how hard i try, i scarcely ever manage to post here everyday. It’s not that important, i know. But i have failed to keep a blog updated for several times and i don’t want that to happen again. Anyway, here I’m. I’ve pass my math test […]

Not an important topic

I should be doing so many things right now, i’m sitting for the CAE tomorrow and i’m so fucking nervous but i honestly don’t have the energy to keep practicing and memorasing phrases and vocabulary that i’ll probably not use because, let’s face it, nobody remembers formal vocabulary in a speaking test, it just doesn’t […]