How to translate your very first file in SDL Trados Studio 2014

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This post will walk you through your very first translation in SDL Trados Studio 2014.  I recommend doing a test run to get familiar with the basics before you take on your first paid project with Studio. There are lots of beginners’ guides and videos out there, but…

10 Facts You Don’t Know About The Lord of the Rings

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Between Tolkien’s immense novel and Peter Jackson’s incredible adaptation, The Lord of the Rings has more interesting little tidbits than every novel I’ve read from the list combined. I found this exhaustive list of “facts you never knew” on Empire Online, so I thought I’d share 10 of my favorites with…

This is how i disappear

Well, i’m not going to disappear for real.. at least not for now. I feel so frustrated, Since lunch i’ve been feeling so terrible, emotionally speaking. I have this sensation in my chest, like there’s si something that pushes you and you can’t really move much like something heavy that is slowly piercing you. I’ve […]

Merry -not really- Regenerating Christmas

I took Christmas as an excuse to make a post, because i just really wanted to make a post, but i didn’t have something special to talk about so as everyone is talking about Christmas as usual, well let’s talk about this too. As a kid from divorced parents, i of course don’t like neither […]


Another week that I’ve been off.  It doesn’t matter how hard i try, i scarcely ever manage to post here everyday. It’s not that important, i know. But i have failed to keep a blog updated for several times and i don’t want that to happen again. Anyway, here I’m. I’ve pass my math test […]