“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” Milan Kundera- Part I

Hey, it’s been a while. I’ve actually been studying for so much time i didn’t even have time to sit down and write something. But today i failed my first exam, so I guess it’s a good opportunity to come back. I’m reading this AMAZING books by Milan Kundera and i just wanted to share […]

Some spanish literature…

Today i found myself reading one of the essays i have to read for University, and i found it really interesting, i couldn’t find a translation in English but i just felt like posting it here though. This is a part from an Essay from the writer Beatriz Sarlo, a famous writer from Argentina that […]

2014 Oscars favorites

So the day has finally come. I’ve watched all of the nominated films (except for Nebraska and Captain Phillips because i couldn’t get the subtitles.. so it’ll have to wait) and in this post i’ll make a tiny review of each movie nominated for best movie, and i’ll say wich are my favourites for each […]

A lot of movie reviews

The past week i reunited with my friends that i met in London so everything we did was basically stay in one of my friend house in the middle of the countryside away from everything, just talk all day long, sing, listen to music, swin in the swimming pool, play board games, get drunk and […]

Stuck In Love (Kind of a review)

Last night, i went to a “end of the year” party, we had fun there was a bubble machine – i love bubbles, i act like a little girl around bubbles- it was fun and all you can imagine, but it was like ok, i was having fun we chat with people, took photos but […]

Review: “Christopher and his kind”

Christopher and His Kind is a 2011 BBC television film. It tells the story of Christopher Isherwood‘s life in Berlin in the early 1930s. The film, adapted by Kevin Elyot from Isherwood’s autobiography of the same title, was directed by Geoffrey Sax. Isherwood is played by Matt Smith, whilst the cast also includes Toby Jones, Douglas Booth, Imogen Poots and Iddo Goldberg. Synopsis: In 1931 budding author Christopher Isherwood […]

Review: “Thor: A dark world”

I just wanted to write this review since i saw it last friday, but honestly, i hadn’t got time. But although i’m really tired now i just need to write it. So here it is: Well, i’m a big fan of Thor. It is the only superhero that i’ve comics (though i’ve liked spiderman and […]