Comics by Luchie

Hello everybody! Important week for me today, all this week i’m seating for the entrance exam at University so i’m a bit nervous (Well…..  A LOT). But of course, istead of being studying procastination won and here i am, posting. Today i am posting about some comics i found on Tumblr. I’ve actually seen them […]

Some spanish literature…

Today i found myself reading one of the essays i have to read for University, and i found it really interesting, i couldn’t find a translation in English but i just felt like posting it here though. This is a part from an Essay from the writer Beatriz Sarlo, a famous writer from Argentina that […]

Sum up.

I’ve been absent on here for several reasons, the first is that i’ve forgotten my password and of course i freaked out andi couldn’t enter but then i remembered it, but i had no longer internet connection so i couldn’t log in. Another reason is that i went away on summer holidays to celebrate new […]