“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” Milan Kundera- Part I

Hey, it’s been a while. I’ve actually been studying for so much time i didn’t even have time to sit down and write something. But today i failed my first exam, so I guess it’s a good opportunity to come back. I’m reading this AMAZING books by Milan Kundera and i just wanted to share […]

TEDxFiDiWomen : Jackson Katz “Violence against women”

Que lindo es ver cuando la gente defiende lo que piensa y no se queda callado, porque como dice él (O mejor dicho Luther King)” In the end what will hurt the most is not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. “. Que lindo es ver que alguien quiera ayudar a […]

Comics by Luchie

Hello everybody! Important week for me today, all this week i’m seating for the entrance exam at University so i’m a bit nervous (Well…..  A LOT). But of course, istead of being studying procastination won and here i am, posting. Today i am posting about some comics i found on Tumblr. I’ve actually seen them […]

Hands of time

Well, I’ve just came back from a College party where i realised a lot of things about a boy, relationships and stuff that had been going on in my life that I really want to talk but I don’t feel like today.  This leads me to talk about regrets. I did not want to go […]

Some spanish literature…

Today i found myself reading one of the essays i have to read for University, and i found it really interesting, i couldn’t find a translation in English but i just felt like posting it here though. This is a part from an Essay from the writer Beatriz Sarlo, a famous writer from Argentina that […]

Sum up.

I’ve been absent on here for several reasons, the first is that i’ve forgotten my password and of course i freaked out andi couldn’t enter but then i remembered it, but i had no longer internet connection so i couldn’t log in. Another reason is that i went away on summer holidays to celebrate new […]

Merry -not really- Regenerating Christmas

I took Christmas as an excuse to make a post, because i just really wanted to make a post, but i didn’t have something special to talk about so as everyone is talking about Christmas as usual, well let’s talk about this too. As a kid from divorced parents, i of course don’t like neither […]

Stuck In Love (Kind of a review)

Last night, i went to a “end of the year” party, we had fun there was a bubble machine – i love bubbles, i act like a little girl around bubbles- it was fun and all you can imagine, but it was like ok, i was having fun we chat with people, took photos but […]