Hands of time

Well, I’ve just came back from a College party where i realised a lot of things about a boy, relationships and stuff that had been going on in my life that I really want to talk but I don’t feel like today.  This leads me to talk about regrets.

I did not want to go to this party tonight, i had this bad feeling somewhere that was telling me not to go. But of course, i thought it was my anxiety, so I thought, why should i let it win? I should overcome this, i’m stronger and i should be okay with this social situations. So I went, and it was as awkward as it could get. Nothing in specific but just when you feel that you don’t fix. Not because of people, but because it wasn’t what you expect it. So maybe, in some part of me i regret having gone because i found out about something that really hurtted me and i could have avoided that.

However, what are experiences if we don’t take the chance? I mean I’m sure that if i had stayed at home as it was more comfortable i would have regretted so much not going and on Monday seeing everybody talking about that. So yes, maybe i prefer to have a tiny bad time – okay, this may affect me for a while but this is not the matter than regretting at all not having gone and doubting what would have happened.

I’m just going to leave this song I really like here.. it talks about that, regretting stuff and leaving the mistakes behind. There is not much we can do about it. I should take note about this..



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