Merry -not really- Regenerating Christmas

I took Christmas as an excuse to make a post, because i just really wanted to make a post, but i didn’t have something special to talk about so as everyone is talking about Christmas as usual, well let’s talk about this too. As a kid from divorced parents, i of course don’t like neither […]

Stuck In Love (Kind of a review)

Last night, i went to a “end of the year” party, we had fun there was a bubble machine – i love bubbles, i act like a little girl around bubbles- it was fun and all you can imagine, but it was like ok, i was having fun we chat with people, took photos but […]

Review: “Christopher and his kind”

Christopher and His Kind is a 2011 BBC television film. It tells the story of Christopher Isherwood‘s life in Berlin in the early 1930s. The film, adapted by Kevin Elyot from Isherwood’s autobiography of the same title, was directed by Geoffrey Sax. Isherwood is played by Matt Smith, whilst the cast also includes Toby Jones, Douglas Booth, Imogen Poots and Iddo Goldberg. Synopsis: In 1931 budding author Christopher Isherwood […]

Letters live

Letters Live is an  event where famous and important people  read significant, important and inspiring letters from the past from two books called “Letters of note” and “To the letter”  with  the purpose to endure the power of literature correspondance through time. On December 10th there was another edition of this event and many actors, […]

Poems by Amanda Helm

Browsing the internet i came across a poet named Amanda Helm, so i started reading some of her writings. I was astonished at how much i realated to all of it. And once again i felt like something pressing my chest and that sense of both nostalgic and sadness. It was a long time since […]