Not an important topic

I should be doing so many things right now, i’m sitting for the CAE tomorrow and i’m so fucking nervous but i honestly don’t have the energy to keep practicing and memorasing phrases and vocabulary that i’ll probably not use because, let’s face it, nobody remembers formal vocabulary in a speaking test, it just doesn’t sounds natural.

I feel the need to come here and write something, i don’ really have something to talk about. I’m just so anxious and nervous and i have a lot of things to do – apart from studying- and this week has been so busy and overwhelming , i sat for the math test and uh, it was horrible and once again i’m afraid that’ll no pass.

I know, i’m a selfish bitch, this things are so unimportant comparing to some serios matter going on in life, and n the world. I must be really stupid as to be worrying about this stuff when i have so many others aspects that are more important, but i apologize. To myself and the world. But i can’t help it, i have my mind on this i can’t think in another aspect but this (except doctor who, i always have time to fangirl about doctor who).

So just this, i will return to my life to keep complaining about silly matter and trying not to die on the intent. Wish me luck for tomorrow. There’ll be a new complaining post about that 🙂

PS: Last but not least, ileave you here the song that has been my soundtrack for all these studying days. Hope you like




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